CHER 2019

O CHER 32nd Annual Conference realizar-se-á entre os dias 28 e 30 de agosto de 2019, na Universidade de Kassel (Alemanha).

A conferência centra-se no tema “Theories and Methods in Higher Education Research”.

“The field of higher education research is growing and increasingly relying on various disciplinary and interdisciplinary theoretical approaches and advanced methods to explain higher education outcomes and policy issues. In the recent years, there has been an increased tendency towards using more and more theories and advanced methods in higher education research. Application of theory and advanced qualitative and quantitative methods in higher education research is also significant to establish the potential and innovation of higher education research and to address methodological challenges as associated with international comparative research, diversity of student body, policy implementation and evaluation, secondary data usage and analyses.  

Taking into account these recent developments and challenges, this year’s CHER conference pursues two aims: First, to critically discuss theories and methods employed in higher education research. Second, to discuss the relevance of recent theoretical and methodological developments in other scientific disciplines and interdisciplinary research areas for higher education research. The abstracts can either focus on methods or theory or the nexus of methods and theory. All three perspectives are equally important for scientific innovation and sustainable progress in the interdisciplinary field of higher education research.”