The 1st semester is over and now?

Março 2017


The 1st semester is over and now?
Strategies to optimize the 2nd semester
22 of march – 16h30 às 18h30

Formadora: Elizabete Loureiro 

It will be assined Cetificate, to all participants that attend the 2h workshop and colaborate in the ativities.

22 of march
16h30 às 18h30

  • The aim of the workshop is the transmission of holistic strategies and skills in order to optimize  and improve student performance during the second semester.
  • Contents: Expectations Management, Anxiety Management and Time Management.


Free Registration here

laste day for registration: 21/03/2017

Registration by order of submission, according to the number of places indicated.

e-Learning café Botânico
Rua do Campo Alegre, 1242, 4150-181, Porto